Sibal is a hub of commerce and trade for four nearby countries: Leuber to the north, Arastes to the south, Andal to the northeast, and Soale to the southwest. This small island is entirely developed from coast to coast and is one of the largest cities on Torys. Anyone and anything can be found in Sibal and money is the name of the game, so whatever can’t be purchased in the bustling streets and markets can always be found in a back alley or cellar. Coins of any currency are accepted, but it is just as common to exchange goods based on value. The year-round shopkeepers are adept at sweetening their words and are very sensitive to the smallest exaggeration of value. Newcomers may find themselves swindled out of their socks if they’re not careful. Literal robbery is also common in Sibal; almost anyone will pick your pocket if they think they can get away with it.


All the races of the world are represented in Sibal, including Booksmiths, whose innate arcane magic drives them to meteorology and other sciences, and Dancers, whose unique capacity for flight allows them to efficiently scout the waters. Only the merfolk, living beneath the waves, have no business on land.


The island-city is ruled by Lord Calas Peesha, a well-respected elf who has governed Sibal for nearly a hundred years. Under his rule, the nearby countries of Andal, Leuber, Soale, and Arastes have thrived on commerce and the people of Sibal have never been without. Despite this, many resent Lord Peesha’s long reign and would rather see shorter offices for their leaders. Additionally, due to the huge population of Sibal, it is virtually impossible to maintain a strict order at all times and Lord Peesha often struggles to keep his people civil.


Sibal lies in the inner half of Torys and the Eclipse occurs shortly after midday every day. Since it receives less sunlight, Sibal is colder than other places of the same latitude, especially in the winter. Druids, warlocks, and masters of the arcane can all take advantage of the power of the Eclipse to bolster their magic, at the risk of their spells working against them.