The Perexel clan is a small clan allied with Bekebel that worships no dragon. They live beneath the trees in the jungle around Bekebel Citadel and are unrivaled in their knowledge of the jungle.

The Legend of Dreth the Merciless

Dreth the Merciless was a powerful druid of the Perexel clan. She lived many centuries ago, when Perexel still worshiped the green dragons alongside the young Lukurru clan. Dreth, having great ambitions, leveraged her druidic powers to gain influence and control in the clan, nearly supplanting its leader. But leading the clan was not enough for Dreth the Merciless. She sought greater and greater things, always unsatisfied by what she found until she discovered the black dragon Ice. She found Ice in a hollow on the darkest night of the year, hidden away in the jungle. Dreth addressed the dragon.

Ice, black dragon. I am Dreth the Merciless, the greatest druid to have ever lived. Will you not grant me some of your power?

Ice replied,

You hold much power, Dreth, but not enough. You cannot have my power.

Disappointed, Dreth left and returned to her clan. For a year, Dreth honed her magic and increased her abilities twofold. She kept her meeting with Ice a secret from her clan, afraid of their judgement if she were to fail. Then, one year after her first meeting with Ice, Dreth returned to the same site and found the dragon there again, waiting for her. Again she addressed Ice.

Ice, black dragon. I have gazed upon lands no eyes have seen and formed spells no hand has cast. I am great but I could be greater. Will you not grant your power to me?

And again Ice replied,

Your body is strong and your mind is stronger, but that is not enough. I will not give you power.

Frustrated, Dreth returned again to her clan. This time she resolved to be successful, and she spent a year crafting an amulet imbued with untold magic. The amulet was the greatest artifact her clan had ever seen, and she was not able to hide it from them. So she told the clan of her plan, and when the time came they watched her depart into the forest. At the same place as before, she found Ice and addressed it.

Ice, black dragon. I bring you an amulet of my own creation. It is an offering to you and a demonstration of my power, in exchange for yours.

This time, Ice thought for a moment. Then it said

Dreth, you have demonstrated your power and proven your devotion. I will give you what you wish. But my power cannot be held unless you release the shackles binding you to this world. Will you agree?

Dreth agreed immediately. As she did so, the amulet crumbled to dust in her hands and she felt her magic leave her. Her physical strength also left her and the world fell away behind a veil of shadow. She turned to speak with Ice, but she found that the dragon had gone.

Dreth returned to her clan, but she found that she no longer cared for them. She recognized the faces of her friends and family, but she could not recall why she had ever loved them. She then found that she could see their every thought, and pull slightly this way or that to change them. She could also see every object, living or not, and change their forms just as easily. For many weeks, Dreth remained with her clan and neglected her usual duties, instead preferring to twist their minds and bodies in ways that amused her. But without love for her people, she could not care for them. Eventually she grew bored and carried herself away on a wind, never to be seen on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron again.

Due to Dreth’s uncaring meddling, the Perexel clan began to fall apart. Factions formed and fought each other, fracturing the clan. Most factions eventually joined with the Lukurru, but one faction retained the name Perexel. This group continued to live much like they always had, with one change: having seen in Dreth’s example that the power of dragons leads only to ruin and loss, they swore to never again declare loyalty or devotion to any dragon. To this day, the Perexel clan worships no dragons and lives free in the jungle.