The Lukurru clan dwells in the thick jungle on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron, occupying a vast territory. They worship all green dragons, whom they interact with daily in many aspects of their lives. Above all, however, they praise Mosha the All-knowing, who guides the clan with her near-omniscience and punishes their failures with death.


Woodrock is a village at the heart of the Lukurru lands. Though it is the largest of the Lukurru villages, it is small compared to Bekebel Citadel and is barely fortified. Nonetheless, it has never been taken by invaders thanks to the unrivaled fighting prowess of the clan’s soldiers.

Highvine Watch

Highvine Watch is a tall standing stone tucked away deep in the jungle. It is the seat of Irvini the Seer, leader of the Lukurru, who oversees the clan’s activities from afar with powerful divination magic. Highvine Watch is entirely undefended except by a small staff of seasoned warriors, but it is hidden from sight by an illusion spell cast on the site once every hundred years.

Members of the Clan

Irvini the Seer

Irvini the Seer is the leader of the Lukurru clan. She watches over the clan from her seat at Highvine Watch and regularly communes with Mosha the All-knowing. Like Mosha, Irvini forcefully drives the clan to success. Using divination magic, Mosha and Irvini can identify threats to the clan, whether external or internal, before they become a danger.

Irvini is miserly with her words and expressions. Accustomed to solitary rumination at Highvine Watch, she has a tendency to slip out of conversations by simply not responding. She is, however, extremely attentive and rarely misses a single detail.

Other notable individuals

Perlen the Destined

Perlen the Destined is the son and only heir of Irvini the Seer, leader of the Lukurru clan. He is proud, shameless, and a capable warrior. Perlen is much despised by the clan and many share the opinion that he is entirely unfit to rule - even his mother Irvini would go to great lengths to see that he does not succeed her. However, barring exile from the clan, there is no accommodation within Lukurru law to prevent a rightful heir from taking leadership.

Perlen leads a gang of ruffians in Woodrock which he incites to many kinds of trouble, including attacking or intimidating kobolds of the Bekebel clan wherever he can find them.

Ondo the Inspired

Ondo the Inspired is an old war general for the Lukurru. He trains the Lukurru soldiers and draws up battle plans when he is called upon to defend Lukurru territories or invade its neighbors. Despite his profession, Ondo is in fact very non-confrontational and is one of the few Lukurru who would treat the Bekebel as allies if he could.