Dagana is a seafaring clan that worships Dagana the Azure Death, an ancient blue dragon. Dagana is greatly weakened by her age, and her namesake clan knows this - indeed, certain members of the clan have been scheming for decades to succeed Dagana with their favored draconic overlord when she dies.

Dagana the Azure Death created the Dagana clan after gaining a large following for her prowess in warfare. As her clan grew and new followers joined, Dagana led them to countless glorious victories. Now, in her senility, she is too weak to go to war, and the Dagana clan has not won a battle in over a hundred years. Many members of the clan resent Dagana’s age and wish for the clan’s glorious past to return, while others have departed the Dagana clan in favor of other clans.

Crash Home

Crash Home, named for the crashing waves that beat against the rocks, is built on wooden posts and rafts nestled among natural pillars of stone rising from the water. All of the Dagana clan currently resides at Crash Home, although it is in fact the third dwelling of the clan - the previous two were destroyed during storms. Crash Home was built with this in mind, and so is more resilient to strong winds and tall waves.

Members of the Clan

Semeret the Motherly

Semeret the Motherly, a capable elemental mage, is the leader of the Dagana clan. Like all the leaders of the Dagana clan before her, Semeret was selected by Dagana the Azure Death to rule. Unlike any previous clan leaders, however, Semeret has no interest in warfare. She instead prefers to foster symbiotic relationships with other clans. In particular, Semeret spends much of her time mending the relationship between Dagana and Lukurru, which was sullied by centuries of war.

Semeret the Motherly takes on a gentle tone, even when pressed. She is often willing to compromise and is nearly incapable of lying, qualities which make some doubt Dagana’s wisdom in selecting her to lead. Nonetheless, she holds the clan’s survival and success in the highest regard and makes many personal sacrifices for the good of the clan.

Other notable individuals

Takala the Spellmaster

Takala the Spellmaster is one of the Dagana clan’s most powerful wizards. A master of the arcane, Takala is sometimes considered to be the rightful leader of the Dagana clan. She is sharp, commanding, and refuses to back down in the face of adversity. In her, many see the spirit of Dagana’s past. Takala is committed to seeing that past return and has been scheming for many years to replace Dagana the Azure Death with Kormak the Havoc Raiser when Dagana dies. Kormak, like Dagana once was, is an unstoppable killer and thrives on victory in battle.

Urbul the Mystic

Urbul the Mystic is a druid well versed in healing magic. He is a primary supporter of Semeret the Motherly and shares many of her generous qualities.