The Bekebel clan has inhabited Bekebel Citadel for hundreds of years, expanding its borders both above and below ground. Currently led by Babanak the Great and in worship of Tuvdak the Magnificent, the Bekebel clan is the largest kobold clan on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron.

Bekebel Citadel

Bekebel Citadel is a great fortress built on the slopes of Oro-oro-ponoro-poron, covering nearly one square mile on the surface and over 12 miles of underground chambers and halls below. Its walls are staunchly defended by archers and advanced weapons of war, including ballistas, trebuchets, and massive bolas, all of which designed to take down attacking dragons. The wall itself is 30 feet thick and braced by metal beams.

The main walled compound is packed with rough buildings and winding alleys through which kobolds bustle at all hours. The kobolds of the Bekebel clan are unusually hard-working and industrious, working feverishly day and night to enlarge their citadel, develop new technologies, or create offerings for their dragon overlord. The underground areas are similar, especially near the surface - except that where kobolds might herd livestock up above, they haul carts of metal or coal down below.

Members of the Clan

Babanak the Great

Babanak the Great has ruled the Bekebel clan with an iron fist for 59 years. He is proud, arrogant, and easily angered - qualities which temper his popularity. As a natural-born sorcerer, he has impressive magical powers and longer life than most kobolds. Unlike many rulers on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron, he keeps no treasure hoard for himself and seems to have little ambition - that is, little ambition beyond ruling the most powerful kobold clan on the island. Yet despite his fiery personality, the Bekebel clan has grown larger and more powerful than ever before under his rule.

In addition to providing leadership and judgement to the clan, Babanak holds the responsibility of creating many of the clan’s offerings to Tuvdak the Magnificent. A very capable blacksmith and sorcerer, Babanak often forges and enchants Tuvdak’s gifts himself. He also works with some of the clan’s master blacksmiths to forge unique shapes, and Elned the Wise and Paparnad the Mystic to weave greater enchantments.

Other notable individuals

Elned the Wise

Elned the Wise is a very old sorcerer loyal to Babanak. She knows much about magical artifacts and the manner of their creation, and they say she can see through any lie.

Lomon the Warrior

Lomon the Warrior is a battle-scarred fighter who once single-handedly slew a green dragon. She is known and feared for her great deeds all across the island.

Paparnad the Mystic

Paparnad the Mystic is a young but talented wizard. Since sorcery is common among kobolds, few bother to study arcane magic. Because of this, Paparnad has made himself useful with a unique set of spells.