The great island-mountain of Oro-oro-ponoro-poron is home to many of Torys’ greatest dragons. Lying in one of Torys’ tropical regions and further heated by the island’s volcanic peak, the island is covered in lush vegetation even in the coldest winters. The slopes climb steeply from the shore, making the island a tough habitat for anyone not at home in trees or underground.


Many types of dragons inhabit Oro-oro-ponoro-poron. Green dragons lurk in the thick undergrowth while red dragons make their lairs near flowing lava. Blue dragons perch on offshore pillars of stone, and a single black dragon known as Ice keeps themself well hidden from those who seek them.

Notable individuals

Tuvdak the Magnificent

Over 600 years old, Tuvdak the Magnificent is the oldest red dragon on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron. Tuvdak is the undisputed king of the caldera, having driven off or killed a total of eight younger challengers desiring his hoard. He won his current lair from the red dragon Sarvol the Peerless after an epic battle lasting days, cementing Tuvdak’s reputation as one to be reckoned with. By that time, Sarvol had driven off over a dozen younger dragons in contest for her lair, always leaving them with a crippling injury to remember her by. Tuvdak’s victory and Sarvol’s death marked the end of an era on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron.

Mosha the All-Knowing

One of the smaller green dragons, Mosha the All-knowing roams the jungle near the foot of the mountain and creeps unseen upon her prey. She wanders free from any lair and often visits the outposts and villages of the Lukurru clan, offering wisdom to strengthen them against their enemies. Though she accepts no offerings, Mosha expects greatness from her devotees and punishes their failures with death. While she may not be truly all-knowing, she is nonetheless capable of seeing more than her eyes alone would tell, appearing to observe events across great distances and through many barriers.


While red, green, and blue dragons generally make their presence known, a single black dragon known as Ice resides always just out of sight. Ice is rarely seen on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron, appearing only to stalk and kill roving groups of kobolds or smaller dragons. Ice’s true name is not known, and no kobold clan worships them - some even doubt Ice is real. However, those seeking power beyond their means might leave a small offering out in the jungle, hoping Ice will discover it and pay a visit.


In addition to its draconic inhabitants, Oro-oro-ponoro-poron is home to the many kobold clans who worship them. The kobolds thrive in the island’s warm environment and work industriously to ensure their clan’s success, often in direct competition with one another. Nearly all clans worship one or more dragons, and a clan’s dragon overlord often determines the nature of their alliances.

Whatever their loyalties, all the kobold clans are united in reverence (and fear) of Tiamat, the evil god of all dragons. It is said that one day, when she is least expected, Tiamat will erupt from Oro-oro-ponoro-poron’s volcanic crater and lay waste to those who fail to meet her demands.

Notable clans


The Bekebel clan is the largest kobold clan on Oro-oro-ponoro-poron. They inhabit Bekebel Citadel and are led by Babanak the Great. The clan worships Tuvdak the Magnificent, regularly offering him gifts befitting his title to add to his hoard. The Bekebel are the sworn enemies of the Lukurru.

See Bekebel.


The Lukurru clan, while not very large, remains a very influential clan due to their expansive territory and unrivaled fighting force. They worship all green dragons, including Mosha the All-knowing whom they both fear and make their prayers to. The Lukurru are the sworn enemies of the Bekebel.

See Lukurru.


The Dagana clan lives on a large network of floating huts, anchored to tall pillars of rock emerging from the sea near the shore. They worship Dagana the Azure Death, an old blue dragon several centuries past her prime. As long as the Dagana lives, her namesake clan will remain strong - but scheming has already begun among the clan’s members to ensure that their favored dragon will take Dagana’s place when she passes.

See Dagana.


The caldera

The caldera of Oro-oro-ponoro-poron is a sight to behold. The magma filling it constantly bubbles and churns, emitting tremendous heat and noxious fumes. Dragons and kobolds alike hold superstitions about it, such as that Tiamat will one day return to the island by emerging from the volcano in a violent eruption. Some also believe that the future can be discerned in its random bubbling, although interpretations differ. Nevertheless, those who peer into the magmatic crater tend to be changed by it in a way that cannot be explained by fumes alone. Many sorcerers only learn how to work magic after they have gazed into the caldera, while others claim to see visions of distant times. Visions from the caldera are unpleasant, often depicting the fiery death of one’s enemies - or friends.


In addition to dragons and kobolds, the jungles of Oro-oro-ponoro-poron are inhabited by a plethora of wild animals.


The chupacabra is a dog-like creature with four powerful legs and a high arcing back. It stalks its prey in total silence, waiting until the last moment to pounce. Chupacabras live and hunt in small packs of two to three. They mostly avoid gangs of kobolds, preferring to stay well hidden in the safety of the jungle.


Stonebeaks are large flightless birds that subsist on anything that doesn’t move. The wander the jungles in flocks of ten to twenty in search of lush undergrowth, carcasses, and the nests of other stonebeaks. Dragons, kobolds, and chupacabras alike prey on stonebeaks.