Ruemin Cavern is the primary library of the Ruemins, the largest Booksmith colony on Torys. Its ceiling is over 100 feet high and spotted with glowing gemstones of varying color. It lies within the borders of Leuber but generally ignores its governance.

Ruemin Cavern has been inhabited by the Ruemins for thousands of years. It boasts Torys’ most comprehensive collection of histories, from the foundation of dwarven cities to the changes in handwriting styles among merfolk. The bookshelves stretch from floor to ceiling in labyrinthine paths thousands of feet long. Indeed, there is a very real danger of losing oneself among the books; the sheer density of knowledge in the area, both magical and not, distorts memory and perception in all but the most trained minds.

Finding Books

In a library as vast as Ruemin Cavern, finding a book on a particular subject, let alone with a particular name, is very challenging. There are organizational methods in place that keep the books in a very strict order, but they are so complex that it requires careful study and excellent memorization to work out how to find anything.

The shelves in the cavern form a formidable labyrinth that suppresses memory and reasoning as a side effect of the volume of knowledge stored in the room. This effect impacts creatures with greater-than-average but less-than-excellent intelligence the most - these creatures feel the weight of the knowledge but cannot comprehend it. It is common for new visitors to the library to lose themselves in the labyrinth for days or even weeks if they are not accompanied by a guide. Since no food or drink is allowed in the library, this is often a death sentence for the unprepared.