The Old Prince is the only inn in Day’s End. It is run by a very talkative woman named Natra, who spends as much time in the common room as any of her most frequent customers. She is the grease to the wheel of news and gossip that is constantly passing through, and has even started a number of rumors herself. The common room of The Old Prince is big enough for twenty chairs and five tables, plus eight stools at the bar and a little bit of standing room. Occasionally some space will be cleared for a band by the hearth.

Above the common room are two floors of 16 rooms each, for a total of 32 rooms. It is fairly common for farmers who live outside of town to stay overnight, so usually at least half of the rooms are occupied. Merchants and travelers also use them when they visit the town. Each room has a small bed, a chamberpot, and a small wardrobe.

Behind the inn is a yard and a stable. The stable has enough room for seven horses and the yard is big enough for three carts. In a pinch, a bit of extra room can be made for one more horse.

The inn’s cellar contains barrels of foodstuffs and liquor, and in addition to stairs there is a ramp into the kitchen to roll them up more easily. Natra doesn’t make any liquor on-site, but she does have a close arrangement with a brewer who delivers it specially to the inn.