The Mayoral Seat of Day’s End is inside the only remaining building of elven construction in the town. The building is a round tower of three stories with a balcony on the top and a spiral staircase around the inside wall. Its diameter is 50 feet and it is made of smooth grey stone with many windows in its surface. The ceiling is 16 feet high at the ground floor, 13 feet high at the second floor, and 10 feet high at the third floor.

Ground Floor

A circular courtyard surrounds the tower and its only entrance, with steps leading up the the doors. The doors are locked at night and are guarded by two guards during the day. The ground floor is entirely open and functions as the Mayoral Seat’s reception and waiting room, in the middle of which is a secretary’s desk. Sonda, the town hall’s secretary, works and receives visitors here. She is authorized to perform a number of duties, including collecting taxes and recording requests for court events. There are seven chairs along the walls for those waiting for an appointment. The desk contains two drawers, one filled with sheets of paper describing appointment times, the other filled with stationery and writing utensils.

One or two additional guards are normally stationed here, ready to act in case of a disruption.

Second Floor

The second floor of the Mayoral Seat contains the offices of Usen and Tyagr. The door to Usen’s office is the only one on the left-hand side of the hall, and the right-hand side is shared by the door to Tyagr’s office, the door to the lavatory, and the door to the janitorial closet. The janitor’s name is Danehban and he works mainly in the early mornings.

Usen’s office

Usen’s office is a large semicircle, and is where he spends nearly all of his time. His desk is oak and perpetually covered in papers; Usen has a bad habit of letting tasks pile up, even though he works almost constantly. The papers are about all sorts of things; financial allocation to the city guard, petitions for new forestry equipment, requests for better roads, memos from Tyagr about upcoming appointments, and so on. Inside a locked drawer are the more sensitive memos; orders from the capital, reports of attacks on other western cities, and demands for increased taxes. He wears the key to this drawer around his neck, carefully tucked into his shirt. There is also a drawer of stationery, including several pens, inks of different colors, a wax seal, and so on. Usen also has a wardrobe in his office. It contains his extra pairs of boots and ceremonial suits. Usen’s cushioned chair sits behind his desk, and another three chairs for appointments are arranged facing his desk.

Tyagr’s office

Across from Usen’s office is Tyagr’s slightly smaller and much tidier office. He keeps a corkboard on the wall beside his desk for pinning memos, and keeps most of his papers in a neat filing cabinet. Most of the types of papers that can be found in Usen’s office can also be found in Tyagr’s, except the papers Usen keeps locked away; Tyagr never holds onto those for long.

Third Floor

The third floor holds the Mayoral Seat’s library. It is not open to the public, and most residents of Day’s End are unaware of its existence. It contains mostly informative books: propaganda about Andal’s governance, military prowess, and financial stability; books about the Elking Wood and the Eclipses; and books about the political and colonial history of the region. There are about 100 books in total.


Down the stairs from the lobby, going underground, is a hallway leading to the kitchen. This is where the chef, Eemika, prepares food for himself and the others who work at the Mayoral Seat. The room is only partially underground; there are windows near the ceiling at ground level, both to let in light and allow the room to air out.


One level below the kitchen leads into the town’s tiny prison. There are two cells, each only large enough for two people. They are almost never occupied, and their locks are old and rusty. Each cell contains a single small bed and a hole in the ground that serves as a toilet.

At the south end of the prison, opposite the entrance, is a massive iron door. This door leads into the ancient underground elven council chambers. See the Dungeon of Day’s End.