The Day’s End Graveyard lies just outside of the town’s wall to the south. It is a grim place, and is always permeated by a fell presence. Unbeknownst to the population of Day’s End, this presence is not that of the dead who are buried there; it is the dark shadow of Oeged Naaftet Oecheisev, an elven king turned shadow dragon lying dormant underground. The graves in the graveyard are dated as far back as 300 years, when Day’s End was founded.

The Pond

In the center of the graveyard is a large pond, about 40 feet in diameter. The surface is clear of algae, but beneath that are tall weeds growing up from below. The pond is quite deep; at the deepest point the pond floor is 20 feet below the surface. A Detect Magic spell cast on the pond reveals illusion magic in the water.

The water is quite dark and there is a superstition in Day’s End that those who swim in it are killed and replaced by shapeshifters. And indeed, any who doubt it and go to see for themselves are not disappointed, for there is an enchantment on the pond. When anybody looks at their reflection in the pond’s water, they suddenly find themselves under water in the same position as their reflection, looking back up at themselves. To others outside of the water, they look the same but become intangible, like an illusion. Similarly, under water they become real and can interact with objects. They can also climb out of the water as they would normally, and those outside of the pond see the illusion climb into the water in the same way. When they climb out of the water the effect ends for them and cannot occur again for 24 hours.

When a person is swapped with their reflection in this way, their physical form and any objects they are wearing or carrying are also reflected. This means that their right side becomes their left side and vice versa, so any tattoos, clothing, equipment and so on all change sides. Any text is reflected, as are any images or badges. This effect is permanent, but after 24 hours they can look at their reflection again to reverse it.

The Door

At the bottom of the pond, mostly covered with slimy algae, is a large iron door. By touch, one can tell that it was once engraved with some pattern, but the ages and the water have deteriorated it to the point that it is now unrecognizable. The handles on the door are similarly worn, but are still strong. The door leads to the exit passages (area 3.2) of the Dungeon of Day’s End, and it has been magically sealed since the fall of the elven kingdom.

The ages have weakened the magical seal, but it still holds and the door cannot be opened until it is broken. A Knock spell is sufficient to break the seal and allow the door to be opened. However, the force of the water still holds the door shut, and it is very difficult to find any solid surfaces under water to push against. Nevertheless, a strong and daring adventurer might be able to find a way in with the help of some clever tricks.