Ahahbu lives in and works from a small building in Day’s End. It contains a central living room adjacent to a kitchen and a sickroom. Upstairs is a bedroom, and a small cellar holds food and medicinal supplies. Also in the cellar is evidence of Ahahbu’s druidcraft: a book of druidic magic and an ash wand.


The front door opens into the living room of the house. The room contains two chairs and a desk, on which is some stationery, Ahahbu’s patient records, and seven books:

  • Plants and Fungi: The Healer’s Need-to-Know
  • Healing Herbs
  • Creatures of Darkness
  • The Essential Surgeon’s Manual
  • Brewing Healing Teas and Soups
  • Wolf Behaviour in Summer and Fall Seasons
  • The Growth of Algae and Vines

Also on the desk is a small statuette of a cat, carved out of the wood of an ash tree. Ahahbu bought it from another druid in Melios who claimed it would bring good luck. Whether or not it did, it motivated Ahahbu to learn magic, and she considers it a valuable possession. If asked about the statuette, Ahahbu only says that she bought it as a good luck charm in Melios; she does not say that she bought it from a druid or that she is learning magic.

An open doorway leads to the kitchen and two doors lead to the sickroom and the washroom. Stairs lead up to the bedroom and down to the cellar.


The kitchen contains a small washbasin, a pantry, and a wood stove. Ahahbu uses the wood stove to cook food, brew teas and potions, and heat the house in the winter. The pantry contains mostly regular food, but the top shelf also holds medicinal ingredients.


The sickroom has one bed for patients and a table beside it. The table holds surgeons’ tools, including small knives, tweezers, and a magnifying glass. At the back of the room is a wardrobe containing extra bedding and a box of healing potions, brewed by Ahahbu; roll 1d4 - 1 to determine how many she has at a given time.


Upstairs from the main floor is Ahahbu’s bedroom, which contains a bed and a clothes closet. The window in this room doesn’t close properly, much to Ahahbu’s dismay in the winter. She’s been meaning to get it fixed, but she hasn’t gotten around to it yet.


Downstairs from the main floor is the cellar. This is where Ahahbu keeps canned food and other products that last.

Additionally, one of the floor tiles here has been loosened and is removable. Once spotted, the tile can be easily lifted, revealing a small hollow containing an old and worn book and an ash wand. This is Ahahbu’s druidic equipment; she keeps it hidden because she knows she would be executed if anyone were to discover that she is a Druid of the Eclipse.

The book is titled Magics Under the Noon-night and describes a number of techniques, practices, and even specific spells that a Druid of the Eclipse can use to improve their powers. The wand, made from the wood of an ash tree, is Ahahbu’s Druidic Focus.