Day’s End is a foresting outpost located near the Evening Horizon in the province of Andal. Day’s End hosts a modest population of 800 - mostly foresters, but also millers, blacksmiths, and farmers. Most of the population lives inside the walls, but about 100 live on the farms outside.

Due to the Eclipses that occur every night at sunset, some of their dark magic leaks into the peoples’ daily lives. Animals, plants, and fungi are all affected by it, giving rise to basilisks that can turn animals to stone and deadly fungi that spread by airborne spores. A druid can also draw on this power to fuel their magic, becoming a Druid of the Eclipse; however, it is a highly corrupting influence and only one druid has ever been known to use it and maintain their good nature. As such, the practice of Eclipse magic is forbidden in Day’s End and the crime is punishable by death.

West of Day’s End is a large forest known as the Elking Wood. Many think it is so called for the elk that can be hunted there, but in fact it is named for a great elven king that once ruled the forest. Wood is cut from this forest and carted back to the populous cities in the eastern plains, but collecting wood is not the outpost’s only task; it is also stocked to keep watch on the forest and ensure that no nightborn creatures stray too close to civilization and cause trouble.

Day’s End is built inside the 25-foot stone walls of an ancient elven palace. Most of the buildings inside were destroyed centuries ago, but the outside wall and the central tower, now the Mayoral Seat, survived. Most have since forgotten that any parts of the town existed before it was reclaimed by nature 300 years ago.

Underneath the town, the ancient elven council chambers have also survived the centuries and are accessible via an imposing door under the town’s prison. See Mayoral Seat and the Dungeon of Day’s End.

At the heart of Day’s End is an ongoing market where farmers, crafters, and peddlers all sell their wares.

Notable Individuals


Ahahbu is the healer of Day’s End. She is constantly patching up cuts, broken bones, and worse. She has some limited magical abilities; she can cast Spare the Dying at will and Goodberry once per day, and she can prepare one Potion of Healing per week from 25gp worth of materials. She tries to keep one to three potions at hand for emergencies; roll 1d4 - 1 to determine how many potions she has at any given time.

Ahahbu has a dark secret; she is, in fact, a Druid of the Eclipse. Though her powers would be relatively weak even during the noon-night, she becomes stronger with each passing Eclipse. Druids of the Eclipse, like lycanthropes, derive their strength from the night-in-the-day, and become more powerful where the Eclipses are longer and more extreme. Much farther west of Day’s End, it would be nearly impossible for a powerful druid to resist the corruption the darkness brings. Ahahbu is not severely affected because her powers are few as it is, and the Eclipses are very brief in Day’s End. But she does feel the pull towards the darkness, and is slowly learning to use more magic. Ahahbu’s House.


Quabreet is the master of religions in Day’s End. He is a Dancer, but he lost the ability to fly when he was struck by lightning in a storm. Quabreet is an adept storyteller and an excellent listener. Having spent most of his life studying religions, he also knows the practices and prayers of most religions present in Andal. Together these qualities allow him to offer religious guidance and assistance to all the members of Day’s End. He maintains the town’s temple and spends his days and nights there.


Usen is the mayor of the town. He generally stays in his office in the Mayoral Seat and doesn’t see anyone if he can avoid it, leaving visitors to his butler, Tyagr. When he must speak to people, he is gruff, brief, and always interrupts whenever he thinks someone is saying something unimportant.


Tyagr, Usen’s butler, is eloquent and adept at manipulating people into thinking they’ve heard what they wanted to hear. He knows very well his employer does not wish to see people and tries his best to steer them away with misleading answers and vague promises.

Lord Tayossa

Lord Tayossa is the resident judge of Day’s End. Technically higher-ranking than Usen, she insists on being addressed by her proper title. She never smiles or laughs, but this does not stop her from making insulting or crude jokes at others’ expense - it only makes them more awkward and irritating.


The inn of Day’s End is called The Old Prince and is run by a talkative woman named Natra. Her common room is the hub of news, chatter, and debates of everyone in the area, and Natra herself chats no less than any of her patrons. See The Old Prince.


Rettoo is a merchant that often visits Day’s End. He brings unique food items, art pieces, rare fabrics and more from his travels and sells them to the isolated community. Then he buys wood and paper products to resell in towns that are far from Elking Wood. Whenever he visits Day’s End, he brings news from eastern lands and tells stories to children and lumberjacks alike.