Andal is a large province covering the Morku Plain between Elking Wood and the Tumulted Sea. It straddles the Evening Horizon such that only the western border along the edge of Elking Wood sees the Eclipse.


Andal is inhabited primarily by humans and dwarves, scattered across the Morku Plain in small towns. Other races are present in the province as well, including the last elves left behind when the ancient elven kingdom shattered. The common culture across the province is one of isolationism; the province’s location along the edge of Elking Wood and the government’s tight control on immigration both encourage fear of the unknown. As a result, Andalese are wary of outsiders and most prefer to keep to themselves.


Andal is run by a powerful oligarchic government that specializes in weaponized beaurocracy. The five top-level rulers, who are rarely seen in public, issue decrees via their large network of envoys to the mayors of every town and city in the province. The mayors are required to enforce the oligarchy’s laws, and are themselves punished if they do so poorly.


The Morku Plain was first settled by elves migrating out of Elking Wood 13000 years ago. Over time, the elves established a powerful and broad kingdom spanning nearly the same region as modern Andal. The kingdom thrived for 12000 years, and the elves built enormous cities and magnificent palaces. During this time, the elves became aware of the Eclipse as a source of magic, but always held back, sensing its corrupting nature. When Oeged Naaftet Oecheisev rose to power as the kingdom’s absolute ruler, he embraced the power of the Eclipse and taught others to do the same. Despite continued warnings from his closest advisors, he persisted in the use of this magic even as it twisted his mind beyond repair. Eventually, in his madness, Oeged began a spell that transformed him into a shadow dragon and his counsellors into wraiths. The surge of dark power also awakened horrors such as basilisks, giant spiders, and werewolves, which continued to roam free even after Oeged’s subjects sealed him in his palace. The kingdom fell, and many elves lost their lives to the monsters now lurking in Elking Wood.

Now, the site that was once the elven kingdom’s palace is the town of Day’s End. The city around it was quickly recalaimed by nature after the kingdom fell, leaving only a few original buildings and some ruins.